Water Health International, India

We lived in a village about 20 kilometers from here but came to Hyderabad so my husband could find employment. He works as a server now in a hotel.

We settled here because my daughter has to get a good education and we need to improve our finances. Then our family can grow.

When we moved here, we could not find a good source of water so we moved our family to be near the Doctor Water center. Since taking the water, we are feeling good. When we were using tap water, our daughter, Lucky, would fall sick with a cough and cold. Now she feels good.

We have been using Doctor Water for three years now. I don’t want to take any other water than Doctor Water. My daughter is healthy because of clean water. This water is good for our health.

Swampna, 23, is a mother of three living in Hyderabad, India and a customer of Acumen investee, Water Health International.

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