d.light, East Africa

We have a d.light in my family’s fruit stand. We used to have to close the shop at 7 o’clock, but now we stay open until 9. The d.light comes on at night. We have more customers between 7 and 9.

With the d.light, it’s like there is real power, real daylight, because it works so well.

When it’s very dark, we could not walk outside. Now I can walk freely. I used to go to bed at 7 or 8 o’clock, but now I have more freedom. I don’t feel as constricted. I have the freedom and opportunity to do other things I want. I can stay up and read books. I love reading novels. The last novel I read was The River Between.

Winifred, 20, lives in Machakos, Kenya and is a customer of Acumen investee, d.light

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