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Acumen America is harnessing the power of entrepreneurship to tackle poverty in the United States.


Income inequality in the U.S. exceeds any other democracy in the developed world. Right now, there are nearly 47 million people living in poverty in America. We help build sustainable models to move millions of Americans out of poverty.

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Our partners share our belief that business has an essential role to play in addressing the complex challenges of our time. Like us, they share our vision of an America where every person has an equal opportunity to pursue a better life.


Acumen started investing in the United States in 2016 across the areas of health care, workforce development and financial inclusion. Our investments focus on companies creating sustainable solutions that improve the lives of Americans living in poverty.

  • ConsejoSano

    A mobile platform that provides Spanish-language services to improve the health of America’s Hispanic population.

  • Healthify

    Helping case managers connect patients to critical social services to improve health.

  • Learners Guild

    A technology training program that removes traditional barriers and makes a software developer career available to all.

  • Listo Financial

    One-stop financial services company offering affordable insurance and loans designed for low-income Latino customers in America.

  • WorkAmerica

    Empowering American workers by streamlining the path from education to employment across the nation.


Our dedicated team is part of Acumen's global workforce spanning seven global offices. Our entire global community—including our staff, advisors and investment comittee—is integral to our success.


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