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Acumen America is harnessing the power of entrepreneurship to disrupt poverty in the United States


Nearly 100 million Americans live 2X below the federal poverty line, and the country struggles with socio-economic immobility and inequality. The social safety net is strained and, as a result, millions of hardworking families struggle to get by. The United States is in need of entrepreneurs with new ideas to seize the market opportunity for innovative solutions that tackle systems of poverty.


Financial Inclusion

We focus on innovations providing access to financial services that enable low-income and unbanked customers to build tangible pathways to a secure future.

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Our investments support a range of solutions to provide affordable, high-quality health care and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of medical treatment for low-income families everywhere.

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Workforce Development

Our investments provide low-income students and job seekers with the training and tools they need to secure employment and succeed in building lifelong careers for themselves.

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The Problem

Capital hasn’t flowed toward innovation in high-need areas such as health, workforce development, and financial services for low-income families.

The Opportunity

We back sustainable business models to move millions of Americans out of poverty, by backing business innovations that challenge systems of inequality and improve economic mobility.

The Solution

Investing in startups with the capacity to make both markets and government systems work better for the poor will generate sustainable, long-term solutions to poverty and build a more inclusive economy for all.


Seed and Series A Investments

We make $100-750K investments to help early-stage companies validate assumptions, bring products and services to market, and begin to scale.

Follow-on Capital

We reserve capital early on in the investing process in order to enable us to provide follow-on capital to top-performing portfolio companies.

Access to Expertise

Our companies have access to our expertise and a network of advisors with deep insight into sectors, channels and customers in these communities.

Post-investment Support

We offer active post-investment support and guidance in the areas of strategy, governance, customer insights and fundraising.


Our partners share our belief that business has an essential role to play in addressing the complex challenges of our time.

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