LabourNet, India

I used to work in manufacturing in Bihar. But then the demand decreased for the ship buttons I was making and the price of producing them increased. I decided to switch to construction about four years ago.

About six months ago, I moved to Bangalore to find work and was recruited by a contractor. I have been working for him but, once the contract is up, I may have to move to another site. You never know with this kind of work. Working for a contractor doesn’t give me benefits or help me to build savings.

I have always had a lifelong desire to learn. I was only able to study up until Grade 10, but I try to learn something new whenever I can.

I read and study books on business. Like “The Power,” which has taught if I think big in both my thinking and learning, I will always be successful.

I wanted to train with LabourNet because even though I have worked in construction for a few years now, I felt stumped. I am already learning a lot. Since training with LabourNet, I have become better at my work. I have acquired two certifications and am now trying to get hired by the construction company, so I can get benefits and acquire more savings for my family.

I have two sons, both of which are in school. While I haven’t been able accomplish much in my life, I try to learn as much as I can. I want my sons to be successful and for them to be proud of me. 

Aravind, 38, has spent the last five years in construction and is a trainee with Acumen investee, LabourNet.

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