Dorcas Kanini


Esoko, East Africa

I was born into farming. I enjoy being a farmer because I can harvest good, fresh produce and give it to my children. I am a mother of eight and it is important my children have fresh, healthy food to eat.

Before Esoko, we used to have very little. We didn’t know how to prepare the land. We didn’t know when to expect the rains, so our harvest was little.

We would maybe get a bag or two from our farm but not much. There were times when we went hungry.

Now, after learning from Esoko and receiving the constant, up-to-date information the company provides, there is a lot of harvest. We have vegetables to eat all the time. Our farms have food. We are not struggling or starving. You can tell the difference between my farm and my neighbor’s.

On our farm, we grow maize, beans, pigeon peas and now, because of the messages I’ve received from Esoko, I have planted avocados, papaya and mangoes. They are all small now, but I am confident they will grow because Esoko has informed my decision. They have delivered on their promise.

We used to sell to brokers, but our harvest was so small. We would only get two bags and maybe sell one. The price was always very low, so our income was very little. It was only enough to buy maybe salt. It wasn’t to profit from it. But now there’s so much more to sell.

There is a clear difference. We are making enough money to purchase a goat or send our kids to a good school. I am very keen to educate my children, so I put the extra money toward their school fees. Whatever money is left, I use to take care of my home.

I am very happy and excited about the opportunity Esoko has given me and my family. I tell my children ‘Something new and good is happening here. Progress is taking place.’

Dorcas, 59, was born into farming in rural Kenya and is a customer of Acumen investee, Esoko.

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