Water Health International, India

I used to get my water from the river, the Krishna River. It was close by, only four or five hundred meters, so I would go and fetch it. I am a mother and have been blessed with two daughters. But when we were using the water from the river, we started to get sick with a cold, then a fever. We were feeling unhealthy.

When I was young, we lived on a farm. We had a borewell and would use the same ground water for our crops as we did for ourselves. It was free and our only source, so we would boil the water. We didn’t have purified water. I didn’t know about it.

Now that Doctor Water has come, we are educated about clean water. We drink only this water.

When we drink Doctor Water, we feel good. We are healthy. We have been using Dr. Water for five years now.

My husband works in constructions and I am a civil worker, making 3,500 rupees ($55) a month. We will pay for one can for our daily drinking water. It will cost us about 240 rupees ($3), but we don’t mind paying. It is very important to me to have purified water for my family.

Pushpa, 29, lives in Hyderabad, India and is a customer of Acumen investee, Water Health International

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