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Ampersand is an e-mobility company that assembles electric two-wheelers and batteries, and operates a network of battery swapping stations with comprehensive battery management software.

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    First Year of Investment

The Challenge

The boda boda industry, comprised of commercial motorcycle riders who ferry passengers and make deliveries, forms a vital part of the informal sector across East Africa. This network of over 5 million riders creates income-generating opportunities for millions and serves as a critical lifeline for many. However, high fuel costs present a significant challenge. Riders spend roughly 41% of their daily gross earnings on fuel, substantially reducing their net income and impacting their standard of living and that of their households. With average daily net earnings of approximately $2.6, many riders fall into the low-income segment.


The Innovation

Through Ampersand’s electric two-wheelers, riders save on fuel costs replaced by battery swapping and benefit from lower maintenance, boosting their daily take-home pay to approximately $3.80, a 46% increase over their traditional income. Ampersand’s bikes stand out for their superior performance and battery range. Their battery offers 80km, covering riders’ typical daily range of 100-150km with convenient swaps. Independent tests rank Ampersand highly among E2W brands for speed, braking distance, acceleration, stability, and maneuverability.

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  • Ampersand is leading the e-mobility revolution across Africa

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