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We address disparities in the U.S. healthcare system by improving access and treatment for low-income Medicaid patients.

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Dignity, prescribed

Globally, 381 million people are pushed into extreme poverty annually by out-of-pocket medical costs. Since 2001, Acumen has invested in health solutions for communities living in the most extreme poverty. Our first successful investments in healthcare were in 2002, when we supported Aravind Eye Hospital, a network of Indian eye care facilities that prevents avoidable blindness, and AtoZ, a Tanzanian textile mill that used our 2004 investment to begin manufacturing anti-malaria bednets.

We have seen success in areas such as primary healthcare, emergency healthcare, medical device, health finance, specialized treatment, e-health, and healthtech.

In the last decade, we turned our attention to healthcare systems, most notably in America, where 79 million depend on Medicaid and one in three adults struggle with unpaid medical bills. 

Medicaid Innovation Collaborative

Acumen America helps states and managed care plans meet their health equity goals by centering the consumer voice, coordinating across the Medicaid ecosystem, and promoting innovation.

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