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Man carries a solar panel through an East African yard

We’re ending energy poverty by providing first-time access, delivering solar-powered appliances, and building clean energy infrastructure.

  • East Africa
  • India
  • Latin America
  • Sub-Saharan Africa H2R
  • West Africa

Our global impact in energy

lives impacted through our energy investees
deployed for clean energy since 2007
off-grid energy companies supported
years of experience in energy access

Lighting a path forward

For many low-income people around the world, the pathway out of poverty starts with electricity.

Eighty percent of people living without energy access today reside in 22 countries of sub-Saharan Africa, forcing them to rely on dangerous and pollutive fuel sources.

To keep their businesses running, micro-entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers often turn to diesel generators, which limit their earning potential and emit more than 100 metric tons of carbon emissions per year.

As Africa’s population and its need for clean energy continues to grow, the focus must be on how a thriving, low-carbon economic future is possible for the region.

A young man writes in book under oil lamp in East Africa
Woman pulls out milk jug and measures portion over a Koolboks refrigerator unit
A motorcyclist smiles while idling on an electric motorcycle at an East African Ampersand facility

Our solutions to ending energy poverty

The next generation of clean energy enterprises are creating products and services that benefit individuals, households, and communities lacking safe, reliable sources of power.

Man waters field on East African farm

The intersection of poverty and climate

Since people living in poverty are most vulnerable to severe weather events, we embed a climate lens in our impact investing strategy across sectors. Economic resilience goes hand in hand with climate resilience.

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