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Problems we solve

Groups of workers stand ready to review on-site construction training

We know what it takes to solve the toughest problems of poverty.

Solving problems and changing lives, one investment at a time.

We’ve always believed that the marketplace can solve problems of poverty if directed toward impact. We invest in companies transforming lives in three ways.

We invest in companies that help to create new markets where none exist or provide critical goods and services that people in poverty would not otherwise be able to access.

We support companies that help people in poverty lead productive, dignified lives by building their capabilities and increasing their resilience.

We invest in solutions that support workers at the end of the value chain and correct market inequities that prolong the poverty cycle.

Woman pours in grain for milling into flour in East African shed
Woman driving a rickshaw, motorbike, through a neighborhood street in India
Farmer carefully examines and picks coffee beans on Colombian farm

Our focus is fixed. We’re doubling down where our capital can have the greatest impact.

We’ve invested in regional markets across a number of sectors for over twenty years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what type of capital, partnerships, and companies can make a difference in specific regional markets. 

The results speak for themselves.

Since we invest for impact, we let the work teach us. Explore case studies across our five key sectors.

Impact at the intersection

Our investments touch some of the most pressing issues facing the world today.

Woman shopkeeper smile gleefully while at her stall in East Africa

Gender lens investing

Women make up half the world. We can’t solve problems of poverty without them.

Hands carefully grasp stalk leaves in greenhouse

Climate resilience

We work at the nexus of poverty and climate in almost every sector.

More about Acumen

What we do

We solve problems by combining the best qualities of philanthropy and business to break the cycle of poverty.

Knowledge hub

We learn from every investment we make. See how our insights across sectors and regions have shaped our investment approach.