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Coschool is a for profit social enterprise based in Colombia that focuses on creating and implementing experiential learning programs to improve Social and Emotional Learning (“SEL”) skills in youths and adults, particularly to vulnerable populations in post conflict areas of the country. SEL is understood by the Company today, as a main platform (or a base), in order to deliver a wide range of teaching and educational content.

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    First Year of Investment

The Challenge

In a region like Latin America where the educational system has major gaps, violence has been constant and poverty levels have been high over the years, the investment in Coschool proves that providing tools to help vulnerable individuals and communities bring the needed skills to be able to escape the prevalent traps of violence, and prevent anxiety and depression, delinquency, violent and aggressive behavior, teen pregnancy and substance abuse.

The Innovation

Coschool has seen the following issues in Latin America educational system: (i) Poor ratings in school climate affecting learning, well-being educational quality; (ii) Teachers with high stress levels, burnout; (iii) Nascent teacher training system that lacks SEL component; (iv) High rates of violence and aggression in schools; (v) Youth struggling with anxiety, depression, finishing school, drug use, finding work; and (vi) Youth who have high aspirations but lack skills to materialize change in their lives and communities.

For these reasons, the Company created its own pedagogical model and platform, Edumoción, for School Leaders, Educators, and Youth. With this they intend to generate impact in the system by institutionalizing SEL as key component of the educational system, having Educators with knowledge of theory and practical strategies to promote safe learning spaces and SEL, and empowering youth who see themselves as change agents in their lives and their communities.

The Impact

Since inception (2014 – 2020), with its different programs, Coschool has impacted close to 20,000 youths and 7,000 teachers in Colombia.

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