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Easy Solar

Easy Solar

Making solar energy affordable to low-income customers in Sierra Leone through rent-to-own financing

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    West Africa

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    First Year of Investment

The Challenge

More than 87% of Sierra Leone’s 7.4 million people live without electricity and, in the country’s rural communities, only one percent have access. Despite the lack of access to the grid, households in the country can spend up to 30% of their income on alternative and often unhealthy fuels, such as batteries or kerosene.  

Solar lanterns are available, but often outside of the financial reach of those living in poverty.

The Innovation

Easy Solar is paving the way for off-grid energy access in Sierra Leone through pay-as-you-go technology, allowing low-income customers to use mobile money to make payments.

Easy Solar’s online platform allows the company to track where payments stand at all times while empowering its agents to serve their customers. The company is building a brand based on trust, enabling it to overcome many of the hurdles in delivering energy solutions in a new market.

The Impact

Low-income households impacted by Easy Solar have the ability to purchase reliable clean energy products for the first time. Operating since 2016, Easy solar has reached more than 7,000 customers in their first two years in business.

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