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Patience is a revolution.

We solve problems of poverty unlike any other investor on the planet. Join us.

We are equal parts dreamers and builders.

When markets work for everyone, people in poverty have the power to transform their lives. We build these markets by training better leaders and investing in better businesses.

Moral leadership moves us.

When entrepreneurs combine the hard skills of building with the harder skills of moral leadership, they transform livelihoods, industries, and markets. It’s why we ground our theory of change in people and partner with them to scale impact.

Success equals impact

lives impacted since 2001
portfolio companies improving lives
deployed to scale solutions
Academy alumni driving real-world impact

Locally rooted, globally connected

Our regional teams guide our work, shape our strategies, and lead us to solutions to global poverty.

We turn action into insights.

Every investment we make and risk we take serves as an opportunity to learn and share our experiences with the world.

About us

Acumen started with the radical idea that Patient Capital could change the way the world tackles poverty. Half-a-billion lives impacted later, we now know what it will take to solve the toughest problems once and for all.