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New Investment: Akili Network Supports the Development and Growth of Children Through Edutainment

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Acumen has invested in Akili Network – Kenya and East Africa’s first and only dedicated free-to-air children’s learning TV channel. Akili Network broadcasts a wide range of edutainment content that supports the development and growth of children.

The Challenge: An Unmet Demand for Children’s Content

Television ownership has increased in Kenya, with 74% of Kenyan households watching TV once per week up from 24% in 2014. Despite this, only 8 of the 137 TV channels in Kenya meet the regulatory requirement of broadcasting 5 hours a week of children’s content. Though education via television has been used since the 1950s, existing African broadcasters have not delivered. For example, in Kenya, television channels are required to broadcast 5 hours a week of children’s content, however, only seven of the 200+ broadcasters currently meet this mandate. 


The Innovation: Kenya’s First and Only Dedicated Free-To-Air Children’s Television Network

Akili Network launched Akili Kids!, the first and only dedicated Kids’ TV channel in Kenya. Within two years, it became the most-watched Kids’ TV channel in Kenya. At present, up to 5M children and 4M parents (co-viewing) watch weekly. This equates to Akili Network reaching 1 in every 4 Kenyan children. These numbers are a testament that Akili Kids! has already created a trusted destination for children and parents, all within 24 months of launching. We asked if parents felt like they could trust Akili Kids! with their children, and 98% of parents placed strong trust in the channel.


Why we invested: A Trusted Source of Edutainment for Kenyan Children

Television remains one of the most accessible and equitable ways to reach Kenyans, especially for education. With TV access and ownership increasing, children in Kenya are left with limited content to view as 94% of Kenyan TV channels show less than 5 hours a week of children’s content. The Akili Network team has built a trusted destination for Kenyan children. “Acumen is excited to walk alongside Jeff, Jesse, and the entire team as they continue growing Akili Kids! into the premier trusted destination for children’s edutainment across Africa,” said Abdulkarim Mohamed, Head of Education at Acumen East Africa.


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