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TED Q&A with Haya Zahid and Soumya Dabriwal

The Brave and the Brilliant was the theme this year at TED 2024, which is also how we would describe the 16 Acumen Fellows who traveled to Vancouver to take part. We interviewed two of them about their experience.

How three investors are measuring their impact on climate resilience

Measuring climate resilience is difficult. For mitigation, estimating greenhouse gas emissions is somewhat straightforward, but for adaptation, impacts are varied and complex. Often the impact thesis is to “build resilience,” where the definition of resilience varies by context, sector, and target population.

Aquarech is digitizing aquaculture on Lake Victoria

Dave Okech remembers the rich life around Lake Victoria. Born and raised on its shores, he witnessed its flourishing biodiversity and the generations who thrived on its seemingly unlimited supply of fresh fish. But by the mid-90s, overfishing, invasive species, and pollution had cast a shadow. “When my community around Victoria was harvesting fish, life … Continued

Ampersand is leading the e-mobility revolution across Africa

Call them boda bodas, piki pikis, or motos. Motorbike taxis are an increasingly popular mode of transportation in East Africa. And for good reason. They are an affordable, convenient, and zippy form of travel in the region’s bustling meccas.  For the last 50 years, the mass of motorized bikes has played a key role in … Continued

Social innovation’s toll: Experimenting with vulnerable communities

Content Warning: This post contains mention of suicide. If you need support, please seek assistance through available resources.   Social innovators – inclusive of investors like Acumen and the entrepreneurs we fund – walk a fine line. We invest in early-stage companies to address problems of poverty, but to do that our investees must work closely … Continued