New Investment: Clinify Health is Using Technology to Improve Health Outcomes

June 05, 2022

Acumen has invested in Clinify Health, a digital health company that works with independent physician practices that care for populations in underserved communities. Clinify provides technology tools and services to these practices to help them succeed in alternative payment arrangements.


People who live in underserved communities face various barriers, including social factors, which make it difficult to receive or adhere to prescribed medical advice. Left unaddressed, this noncompliance results in gaps in care that can negatively impact the population health objectives of stakeholders across the care continuum. 

Sometimes, the people who need quality healthcare the most are the people who don’t have access to it—whether that’s due to financial reasons, limited healthcare providers, insurance, or something else. Many small independent physician practices operate on thin financial margins or haven’t been able to transition to value-based care (which ties payment to positive patient outcomes, like health condition improvement or low hospital admittance). These financial restrictions may make it costlier to treat sickly low-income patients. And yet, that demographic often needs healthcare services the most.


Clinify is seeking to become the digital health care organization that hospitals, health systems, and payers who work with underserved communities choose to partner with when they want to take the next steps in their cost and quality improvement journey. Clinify’s proprietary platform and use of technology, clinical activities, and predictive modeling of medical and socioeconomic risk factors allows the company to proactively address gaps in care in dynamic and innovative ways.

“Clinify works with clinics in underserved communities by helping them transition to value-based care, a payment model in the health care industry that incentivizes physicians and medical groups by providing them reimbursements based on health outcomes, not just how often someone comes in for a visit,” CEO and co-founder Nathan Pelzer said. “We plan to continue expansion of our product offerings to meet the needs of the community healthcare providers we currently work with.”


Acumen invested in Clinify to further the Company’s efforts to improve the quality of care that people who live in underserved communities receive. 

“Community Health Centers are the cornerstone of care for so many vulnerable Americans. Clinify’s platform enables those healthcare providers to do even more, using technology to engage patients, assess risk, expand access, and improve outcomes,” says Acumen America Director, Amon Anderson.

Find out what the future of racial equity in health looks like.

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