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An aggregator and distributor linking smallholder farmers to markets

  • Company
  • Agriculture
  • Latin America
  • 2019
  • Active

The challenge

Disconnected from formal markets in rural, post-conflict areas, Colombia’s farmers are forced to rely on profit-dwindling intermediaries to sell their produce. As a result, farmers earn an average of only $2.80 per day for their yields.

The innovation

Acceso buys farmers’ high-quality fruit, vegetables, and fish, processes and packages the produce in community-run warehouses, and delivers the goods to high-value retailers and supermarkets. By removing intermediaries from the value chain, Acceso increases farmers’ income for their yields.

The impact

When using Acceso, farmers saw real, sustainable income gains of 250% on average. The company has impacted 26,000 lives to date and driven $83 million in sales across three countries.