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An AgTech venture dedicated to enhancing livelihoods of fish farmers

  • Company
  • Agriculture
  • East Africa
  • 2023
  • Active

The challenge

Trapped in a cycle of poverty, sub-Saharan Africa’s over two million small-scale fish farmers grapple with limited access to quality fish feed and fingerlings, hindered by inadequate capital and shortchanging practices. Lacking technical knowledge and facing bureaucratic hurdles, they struggle with low production, slow cycles, and unreliable income. Climate change compounds their woes, leading to lost income, debt, and dwindling job opportunities.

The innovation

Aquarech fills a knowledge gap with comprehensive training, from pond construction to environmental practices. They offer superior fish feed via their app, creating a unique aquafeed marketplace, while farmers gain access to fair markets through an innovative linkage model and flexible credit options. This results in 35% improved production (faster cycles, higher yields), reduced costs, and 50% increased revenue.