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Arc Health

Connecting medical providers to low-income patients

  • Company
  • Healthcare
  • America
  • 2021

The challenge

More than 46 million people live in rural areas as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, yet rural and Indigenous communities across the U.S. have struggled to access equitable health care services for decades. Health care facilities in these communities face a unique set of challenges, including persistent shortages of health care providers who can work in these areas. This contributes to rural Americans suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes at high rates.

The innovation

Arc Health is the first public benefit company formed to disrupt the medical staffing industry – focused exclusively on advancing health equity through recruiting and retaining skilled health care practitioners to serve rural and underserved communities. The company is transforming the perception of medical staffing in underserved communities to be equity-driven and high-quality.