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Delivering quality virtual addiction treatment

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The challenge

Currently, 2.1 million individuals are diagnosed with opioid use disorder in the United States, but experts say the addiction could impact as many as six million Americans. The consequences of addiction are widespread, but they are experienced more acutely in poorer regions of the country where low-income patients are often prescribed higher doses of opioids over longer periods. Current care models fail to comprehensively treat all aspects that underlie addiction – including physiological dependency, behavior, and social support – and many of these treatments are unavailable to low-income or rural patients.

The innovation

Boulder Care delivers long-term, comprehensive treatment for opioid addiction virtually. Through the platform, patients receive access to a variety of treatment support, including a recovery coach, behavioral therapy, social support, medication management, drug testing, and more. For patients without access to care, Boulder Care provides end-to-end addiction treatment. For patients with access to some treatment options, Boulder Care’s services can supplement care for a more comprehensive recovery program.