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Improving the delivery of HIV and AIDS treatment with a data-driven platform

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The challenge

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS reports that 33.3 million people are estimated to be living with HIV. The region most affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic is Sub-Saharan Africa, with 69% of all new HIV infections. In 2011, 1.7 million people died from AIDS-related causes, but most of these deaths could be prevented through proper access to healthcare treatment and antiretroviral drug therapy.

The innovation

BroadReach runs one of the largest HIV/AIDS programs in South Africa. Its model identifies private practitioners who have excess capacity, helping them bring on poor patients who could not otherwise pay. Doctors are paid on a per patient basis for individuals referred by the BroadReach program.

The impact

BroadReach is extending HIV/AIDS treatment to millions of people, enabling them to lead healthier, longer, and more productive lives. The company’s model also stems the drain of talent in the healthcare field by encouraging doctors to build their practices in South Africa.