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A last-mile, post-harvest services platform to store, manage, and monetize produce

  • Company
  • Agriculture
  • West Africa
  • 2023
  • Active

The challenge

Nigeria loses between $8 and $9 billion annually post-harvest, mainly due to absence or very limited infrastructure at farmgate and in rural communities. These losses result in lower food quality and income for millions of smallholders, and increased food insecurity.

The innovation

CropBank constructs the last-mile infrastructure needed to tackle food waste, improve farmer fortunes, and transform agriculture in Nigeria and beyond. The company builds storage and processing facilities at farmgate in dozens of locations throughout Enugu, Benue, and Cross River states in Nigeria. These storage facilities make it more efficient, accessible, and transparent for farmers – 60% of whom are under the age of 35 – to manage, store, and monetize their produce.