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A health tool disguised as a friendship app

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  • America
  • 2022
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The challenge

America’s fragmented healthcare system, and its lack of support and resources for mothers and expecting mothers, puts a strain on families. This results in isolation, loneliness, poor health outcomes for women and their dependents, and increased healthcare costs. Disparities persist in women’s health outcomes across socioeconomic and racial lines, with inadequate attention to women’s health at various life stages – 85% of mothers report feeling unsupported and lonely – causing significant adverse effects.

The innovation

Ema is an AI-driven wellness platform tailored to women’s needs, offering expert-informed resources from fertility to menopause. Ema provides a comprehensive support system with its accessible mental and physical resources, unbiased community platform, and curated content. Ema’s approach focuses on empathy and validation, not just information – effectively motivating individuals to engage in and take actions to manage their health.