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A mobile platform providing agronomic tips and market prices to Africa’s rural farmers

  • Company
  • Agriculture
  • West Africa
  • 2014
  • Active

The challenge

Farmers throughout developing economies remain trapped in poverty despite $6 billion in aid per year that is spent improving agricultural production and raising standards of living. A key contributor to this gap is the disorganization and fragmentation of agricultural value chains with respect to the availability of information, and the absence of a cost-effective and robust system to deliver and monitor the use of pricing data, inputs, and technical assistance services.

The innovation

Esoko is a technology platform that helps solve this information asymmetry and integrates smallholders into the formal value chain by providing a robust communications infrastructure through mobile phones. The platform enables multiple stakeholders in the value chain to push critical information such as market prices, agronomic, and training tips, while also providing the ability to survey farmers to understand their needs and desires.

The impact

Esoko services such as price alerts have improved the livelihood and access to market information for nearly one million farmers.