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Flourish Health

Providing mental health care for teens and young adults

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  • 2023
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The challenge

Youth mental health faces a crisis, with underserved families struggling to access vital care: Almost half of the 7.7 million children with treatable mental health disorders don’t receive necessary care. A shortage of specialized therapists and psychiatrists compounds the problem, with just 8,000 child and adolescent psychiatrists in the United States. Traditional youth mental health approaches often overlook crucial coordination with parents, caregivers, and schools, while affordability issues further limit access, especially for low-income families and Medicaid beneficiaries.

The innovation

Flourish Health offers an integrated solution to address the youth mental health crisis, specifically focusing on individuals covered by Medicaid. Patients are equipped with wearable devices and tablets to continuously monitor vital indicators like sleep patterns, breathing, and voice inflection. This proactive monitoring allows for early intervention, effectively preventing crisis escalation and hospitalization, while patients and parents have access to crucial health data and assessments. Flourish Health provides comprehensive support, including medication management, mentorship, and assistance in navigating community resources.