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A platform for beauticians to find career opportunities, education, and build community

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The challenge

Beauty industry professionals lack a networking platform like LinkedIn or Glassdoor that provides a consolidated and credible source of information on market wages, benefits, and training. Without a central resource, beauty professionals must navigate the industry’s opaque pathways on their own, including finding quality employment with fair compensation and cost effective ways to appropriately upskill. At the same time, salon owners, beauty educators, and brands, lack effective channels to reach beauty workers. 

The innovation

Handsome provides a platform for all members of the beauty sector, enabling professionals to navigate the fragmented industry with the support of a peer network and quality resources that are currently difficult to find and access. With these resources at their disposal, workers are able to find and follow pathways to jobs with higher wages, better benefits, and greater security overall. As total users grow, Handsome will be able to deliver portable benefits, enhancing the physical and financial well-being of industry workers who are unable to access these benefits today.