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Ignis Careers

A holistic English-language curriculum for low-income students and ongoing teacher support

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  • 2015
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The challenge

India has the largest kindergarten to tenth grade systems in the world with 1.6 million schools and 6.4 million teachers serving roughly 210 million children. While education is affordable and widely available, the challenge is the inferior quality. Half of the children in grade five read at a grade-two level. According to the National Knowledge Commission of India, proficient English is a key determinant of access to higher education and employment opportunities. To improve proficiency, students need access to an improved curriculum and teachers need access to better training.

The innovation

Ignis Careers has developed the English and Life Skills Lab, an innovative, well-researched enhancement program that addresses the gaps in low-cost private primary and middle schools. Because these schools are constrained by their financial resources, Ignis offers the program for less than $1 per month per child. The lab’s curriculum utilizes an interactive “whole language” approach to English, which teaches children to read by recognizing words as whole pieces of language to help them better understand their meaning and how the words relate to one another. The program also incorporates comprehensive training and continuous support for teachers to ensure the curriculum is effectively delivered.

The impact

Through these programs, Ignis transforms the lives of low-income students through skills enhancement, improved comprehension and logical thinking. Ignis has already impacted more than 23,000 students and 1,000 teachers and is projected to reach more than 122,000 students and 4,000 teachers over the next five years.