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Reducing administrative burdens for teachers, parents, and administrators

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  • East Africa
  • 2022
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The challenge

In 2017, Kenya introduced a Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) in schools which emphasized the development of crucial soft skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking creativity, and problem solving. While this has led to an improvement in Kenyan education, the new curriculum creates strenuous and time-consuming administrative tasks for teachers. These tasks include performing assessments, completing manual gradebooks, and developing lesson plans, which take away from teacher-student engagement time in already under-resourced schools.

The innovation

Kurasa provides teachers with a revolutionary way to easily implement and manage CBC online. The digital tool enables CBC-aligned assessments and lesson plans, reducing the administrative burden on teachers by 50 to 60% per week. This allows teachers to more effectively identify and focus on areas of need for their students. Kurasa is one of the first organizations to provide a CBC assessment and lesson planning product, which is potentially scalable across other product lines and markets.  The Kenyan government has committed over USD $3B+ to implement CBC and Kurasa is quickly building the largest source of data on how both students and teachers are performing under the new curriculum.