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Nasra Public School

School students take assessment at a Pakistani school

Creating access to affordable, high-quality private education for low-income families in Pakistan

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  • Pakistan
  • 2015
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The challenge

Pakistan is home to 47.8M school-age children, yet more than 20 million are out of school. Additionally, the government in Pakistan has shown little to no effort when it comes to improving K-12 education—just 36 percent of public schools are deemed to be in satisfactory condition with many having no access to electricity or water. This failure has led more people to turn to private education at higher costs, which are typically out of reach for low-income customers.

The innovation

Nasra Public School (NPS) is increasing access to formal, high quality K-12 education for children of low-income families in Pakistan, and meet the growing need for low-cost private education. Nasra places a maximum limit on the average monthly tuition fee to ensure that they are consistently affordable for low-income families. Additionally, NPS uses high-quality teacher training materials and modern curricula from established educational partners, allowing them to quickly and effectively implement quality education on par with their more expensive counterparts. Rather than purchase new campuses, NPS rents campuses enabling them to expand without spending a lot on land or physical infrastructure.

The impact

As early education in Pakistan is increasingly privatized, expanding affordable options for the poor is critical. In fact, 59% of Nasra Public School students live under $6 per day. NPS currently has 16 campuses serving over 3,100 students in Karachi.