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Providing clean and reliable electricity to off-grid communities

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  • Energy
  • East Africa
  • 2019
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The challenge

In East Africa, 78% of the rural population is unelectrified, while only 22% of the urban population lacks electricity access. Without access to the grid, many consumers are forced to use expensive and polluting energy alternatives such as kerosene or candles—damaging their health and the environment.

The innovation

PowerGen installs mini-grids, or off-grid electricity generators, to provide reliable, grid-quality power while reducing indoor air pollution and cutting household costs. PowerGen’s mini-grids help low-income people in rural sub-Saharan Africa access energy for commercial purposes, generating more income and lifting themselves out of poverty.

The impact

PowerGen has installed over 60 mini-grids across Kenya and Tanzania, connecting over 10,000 customers to clean energy. The company’s goal is to reach 50,000 customers by 2024.