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A platform that provides people without a home the social and financial support needed to reach health and housing goals

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  • 2022
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The challenge

While the unhoused population continues to increase year after year (greater than 580K experiencing homelessness in 2020) and disproportionately affects BIPOC, it is also extremely challenging to reach and engage them and address their SDOH needs. As a result, they have a high rate of health care use, particularly emergency departments and inpatient visits, escalating costs and worsening outcomes.

The innovation

Samaritan’s novel technology platform engages historically difficult-to-reach populations; helps them set SDOH goals; and provides the capital, incentives, and social support needed to reach these goals. The platform also leverages community-based organizations to onboard, set goals, needs, and action steps for this population. Samaritan is one of the first companies to facilitate cash transfers for SDOH needs and could prove a compelling model for others to follow