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Bringing solar-powered equipment to smallholder farmers

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  • Energy
  • East Africa
  • 2019
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The challenge

In Tanzania, most smallholder farmers rely on sporadic rainfall to water their fields and most fishers rely on kerosene lamps for light on their boats. With high-quality equipment, these farmers and fishers could increase their productivity by up to 300 percent. But high upfront costs and a lack of rural distributors keep these solutions out of reach for more than 40 million Tanzanians.

The innovation

Simusolar sells affordable, high-quality, solar-powered water irrigation pumps and fishing lights designed to increase productivity. With Simusolar’s solar-powered equipment, farmers and fishers save on energy expenses while increasing their yields.

In the process, Simusolar is helping transform Tanzania’s rural economic system from one of subsistence farming to robust agribusinesses, improving both the resilience of smallholder producers and the country’s economy overall.

The impact

61% of Simusolar’s customers live on less than $3.10 per day. With Simusolar’s equipment, customers have the potential to double their incomes within a year. The company has served 2,000 farmers to date, with plans to reach 10,000 customers by 2021.