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A training, certification and job placement program increasing incomes and opportunities for Latin America’s unemployed youth

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  • Latin America
  • 2019
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The challenge

In Latin America, almost one third of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 are unemployed – a rate three times that of adults in the region – largely due to a lack of requisite skills.

The innovation

Valentina offers unemployed youth six-week trainings in technical and soft skills that are in immediate demand in the labor market – from Powerpoint proficiency to teamwork. The company’s pay-it-forward model is risk-free for students who pay for the training only if and when Valentina successfully places them in entry-level jobs. Valentina runs training centers in Guatemala, with plans to expand across Latin America.

The impact

Valentina has increased students’ incomes by an average of 41%. The company has trained 629 students to date, with a goal of reaching at least 3,900 students by 2022.