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Winock Solar

Enabling many of Nigeria's small business owners to transition to cost-saving solar power for the first time

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  • Energy
  • West Africa
  • 2020
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The challenge

Due to limited and unreliable grid electricity, two-thirds of electricity in Nigeria is provided by expensive diesel and petrol generator sets that cost microbusiness owners up to 50% of their revenue. In between breakdowns, these generators only provide an average of 8-10 hours of power per day. 

While many of Nigeria’s 37 million microbusiness owners would prefer to switch to a cheaper and cleaner solar alternative, most cannot afford the upfront cost of a solar home system.

The innovation

Winock Solar is making solar home systems accessible to many microbusinesses for the first time. 

Winock’s highest-capacity systems provide enough energy to power lights, fans, TVs, computers and cell phone chargers (all at the same time!) for up to 15 hours per day. This capacity is unique in the Nigerian market – and is ideal for businesses such as barbers, welders, tailors or small kiosks. By replacing their petrol generators with clean, solar energy, microbusiness owners can save as much as 68 percent in energy costs – funds they can use to grow their business.

The impact

Winock Solar has served 200 customers to date, most of whom earn less than $3.20 per day.