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Zeraki Analytics

Using technology to help schools grade, analyze performance, and generate reports

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  • Education
  • East Africa
  • 2022
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The challenge

Education systems in Africa have made strides in improving access, but inefficient and manual processes hinder progress. In Kenya, several significant barriers to quality education have been identified. Teachers and school administrators spend valuable time on administrative tasks instead of teaching and providing insightful performance metrics. Parents have limited visibility into their child’s education and few options for supplemental education. Students in public schools face challenges with personalized learning, teacher absenteeism, and outdated curricula, putting them at a disadvantage compared to their peers in private schools. These issues highlight the need for innovative solutions that leverage technology to streamline administrative tasks, improve financial management, and provide personalized education to students.

The innovation

Zeraki has developed a three-pronged strategy to tackle education challenges in Kenya. Firstly, they offer mobile-first, cloud-based enterprise solutions to improve school administration efficiency while reducing costs. Secondly, they provide tools for students, parents, and teachers, such as tutoring apps and e-learning resources to achieve educational goals. Finally, they aim to create a B2C and B2B education marketplace to provide convenient access to educational resources and supplies for parents and schools. Zeraki’s goal is to create a comprehensive educational ecosystem that allows for interaction between students, parents, and teachers, ultimately improving the quality of education.