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Zing Health

A health insurance plan ensuring low-income, underserved seniors have access to better care

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The challenge

Americans enrolled in Medicare are covered by one of two health insurance plans: original Medicare, whereby the government is billed directly for medical costs, or Medicare Advantage (MA), coverage provided through approved private health insurance companies. Unlike original Medicare plans, many MA plans can provide more comprehensive coverage including dental, vision, hearing, preventative care and social determinants of health (such as transportation or food security) which affect 80 percent of patients’ health outcomes. 

However, low-income, Black and Hispanic Medicare beneficiaries are disproportionately under-enrolled in MA Plans. While Medicare beneficiaries can choose among available options, existing MA plans do not yet meet the needs of these underserved Seniors: in-network providers are often too far from where they live and work and plans don’t cover services addressing members’ complex health issues nor disengagement with the traditional healthcare system. To extend the benefits of MA to low-income communities, the U.S. needs more health plans designed to serve them.

The innovation

Zing’s Medicare Advantage (MA) plan covers services and providers designed to meet the needs of qualifying low-income, Black and Hispanic Seniors. Zing’s provider network includes local community clinics that members already know and trust – and also goes beyond the doctor’s office to cover care coordinators such as Community Health Workers (CHWs). These CHWs are embedded in the community and help patients manage their health with culturally appropriate information and guidance focused on preventative care and social determinants of health. In extending beyond clinics and into members’ communities, Zing is pioneering a community-based coverage model that transforms social service organizations, churches, community groups and even the patient’s home into points of care.

The impact

Zing focuses on members currently underserved by other Medicare Advantage providers and who live in households earning less than $50,000 per year.