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Akili Network

Kenya and East Africa’s first and only dedicated free-to-air children’s learning TV channel

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    First Year of Investment

The Challenge

Television ownership has increased in Kenya, with 74% of Kenyan households watching TV once per week up from 24% in 2014. Despite this, only 8 of the 137 TV channels in Kenya meet the regulatory requirement of broadcasting 5 hours a week of children’s content. Though education via television has been used since the 1950s, existing African broadcasters have not delivered. For example, in Kenya, television channels are required to broadcast 5 hours a week of children’s content, however, only seven of the 200+ broadcasters currently meet this mandate. 

The Innovation

Akili Network launched Akili Kids!, the first and only dedicated Kids’ TV channel in Kenya. Within two years, it became the most-watched Kids’ TV channel in Kenya. At present, up to 5M children and 4M parents (co-viewing) watch weekly. This equates to Akili Network reaching 1 in every 4 Kenyan children. These numbers are a testament that Akili Kids! has already created a trusted destination for children and parents, all within 24 months of launching. We asked if parents felt like they could trust Akili Kids! with their children, and 98% of parents placed strong trust in the channel.

News & Updates

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