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Improving how healthcare systems and providers work together and addressing the underlying drivers of health to better serve low-income Americans

United States



The Challenge

Unaddressed social needs, like food insecurity and housing instability affect millions of Americans and cost an estimated $85 billion a year in additional healthcare spending. And a majority of Americans struggle with high costs of health care, limited access and a lack of information as they try to navigate the complex U.S. healthcare system. These challenges are critically acute for the poor, and often become drivers of poverty and financial instability.

The Innovation

Healthify is a software provider to health plans, hospitals and provider networks working to manage and improve care for low-income patients by addressing the underlying drivers of health. The company’s platform improves the ability of case managers and health workers within these systems to connect their patients with the social services they need to advance their health and lives.

The Impact

Healthify’s platform empowers healthcare staff to find and match the appropriate community-based agencies for high-risk patients to improve overall health outcomes. The platform also includes community resources, custom assessments, determinants analytics and referral tracking which allows case managers to refer patients to services and then track their progress.

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