Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative Report

Bridging the Gap

What We Learned from the Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative (PEII)

Energy access can transform the lives of low-income people, changing their daily experience from dangerous to dignified. In 2017, it was clear that the off-grid solar sector needed innovative business models to expand into markets where their products were needed. Acumen, with our 16 years of experience investing patient capital, knew that the solution was infusing more early-stage capital into the sector. So we crafted the Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative (PEII) to narrow the sector’s “Pioneer Gap”: the early stage of growth where companies experience the greatest challenge attracting Seed and Series A equity financing.

As the investment phase of PEII draws to a close, our new report offers critical insights on our key learnings from the initiative and analyzes the progress made against the problems that
PEII was intended to solve.

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