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Woman sprays water from a hose onto trees and crops in East Africa

We protect smallholder farmers’ livelihoods by supporting climate-resilient practices and securing fairer prices that increase yields and incomes.

  • East Africa
  • India
  • Latin America
  • Pakistan
  • West Africa

Our global impact in agriculture

lives impacted by our agriculture investees
deployed since 2004
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Our futures are tied together.

Five hundred million smallholder farmers feed the world but earn less than 5% of the final sale price of the food they grow. Climate challenges bring further financial strain. We’re solving these urgent problems by putting smallholder farmers at the center.

At the intersection of poverty and climate, smallholder farmers are doubly vulnerable. Building resilience is the key, but it is not a straight line.

In fact, it’s a perfect circle: Climate resilience is necessary to secure their livelihoods, and economic resilience is indispensable to adapt to extreme weather events.

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