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East Africa Education Facility

Two children read books at a library in East Africa

We invest in education startups in East Africa that have the greatest impact on education quality and access for low-income students.

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Over 10 years, our goal is to improve education outcomes for school-aged children across East Africa.

will be deployed for education solutions
companies will be supported in their journeys
school-aged children live in our 5 target countries

Our collective futures will be affected by the success or failure of Africa’s youth.

We provide equity and convertible debt to East Africa’s most promising education ventures. Our performance-based financing approach rewards companies dedicated to impact and finding creative solutions to the challenges poor communities face.

Delivering high-impact education solutions with a focus on pre-primary education and teacher training

Proven education business models that are ready to scale, with a focus on education financing for low-cost primary schools, educational technology solutions, and supplemental education programs

Pioneering new education models and revenue streams that have the potential for significant impact across the entire ecosystem, with a focus on student finance and education technology solutions

Family sits around table helping children with their homework under solar-powered lighting
Girl at a desk smiles as her classmates settle down for class
Child sits on his fathers lap and older brother stand just behind them while all watching tv

Temporary loans, permanent education

One school at a time, East African lenders are making it easier for children to gain a quality education and thrive.

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