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KawiSafi Ventures

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KawiSafi invests in companies scaling decarbonized, distributed solar energy solutions for underserved populations in East Africa.

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In East Africa, millions of people live off-grid without access to affordable and reliable electricity. Companies that develop off-grid energy solutions and decarbonized, distributed energy solutions can help Africa’s economies grow sustainably. KawiSafi is a $70 million fund bringing clean and affordable energy to underserved populations. By scaling in off-grid solar solutions, KawiSafi leapfrogs traditional fossil fuel grids and delivers a faster, cheaper, and cleaner path to power.

Beyond energy access, KawiSafi also empowers local communities by creating economic opportunities through clean energy solutions. The fund combines financial investments with technical assistance to ensure the long-term success and scalability of the companies they support. With a goal of reaching over 10 million people, including a significant low-income population, KawiSafi strives to support significant economic growth.

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