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Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative PLUS

Two men pour milk from one container to a larger container in a Indian processing facility

We invest in sustainable energy-powered appliances that help increase incomes and enhance climate resilience for livelihoods.

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Over five years, our goal is to transform rural livelihoods with clean energy.

raised for PUE investing
energy companies will be supported
lives will be reached with improved energy access
of customers will see incomes increase

Fueling the next generation of clean energy enterprises

Through Patient Capital and technical assistance we support companies looking to improve livelihoods through productive use of energy (PUE).

Improving farm incomes and productivity, reducing costs for smallholder farmers through irrigation, processing, and cold storage powered with clean energy

Enabling sustainable energy solutions for small businesses and micro-nano entrepreneurs through innovations such as e-mobility, cooling, and automation

Enabling clean energy access for smallholder farmers and businesses through distribution and financing, skills development, data tools, and market building

Farmer inspects avocados East African farm
Two people ride an Ampersand electric motorcycle in East Africa
Worker inspects flowers prior to drying on solar drying rack in India

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Sun-powered progress

A new wave of companies are powering livelihoods using solar by providing income-generating appliances and driving economic development for people living in poverty.

Bridging the Gap: PEII Impact Report

Launched in 2017, Acumen’s first Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative (PEII) supported energy access entrepreneurs serving low-income communities. By 2021, Acumen had invested early-stage equity into 12 energy access companies that went on to attract an additional $128 million from other investors and reach 1.25 million people with energy – 40% of whom lived under the $3.20 per day poverty line.