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Making The Impossible Possible: 15-Year Impact Report

Women holding a newborn child in her home in India

In 2017, we honed in on five big ideas to take our impact to the next level.

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If we want to achieve what we set out to do and build a world based on dignity, we need to think bigger and act bolder. We have come to understand in deepening ways what it will take to permanently disrupt the problems keeping people in poverty. And in late 2015, we began laying the groundwork for more ambitious plans: to shift from proving a patient capital model to using all of our assets—our investments, leaders, +Acumen platform and extended community.

As we look to the future, we see five new opportunities to expand and deepen our impact on the lives of the poor. Over the next three years, we plan to turn these five ideas into action to move our work forward.

  • Energy – We believe off-grid energy is the fastest, most efficient way to bring people out of
    poverty and a blueprint for how to accelerate our impact across all sectors.
  • Lean Data – We are putting the impact back in impact measurement by listening to the
    voices of our customers at scale.
  • Moral Leadership – The 21st century requires a new kind of leadership. We are turning our
    community of change agents into an unstoppable force for good.
  • A Single World – Poverty knows no boundaries. There are elements of the developing and
    developed world in every country—and the United States is no exception.
  • Systems Change – To truly scale our impact, we need to do more than just change the way
    the world tackles poverty. We have to change the system.

The story of poverty is the story of all of us, and it’s time to raise the stakes. Join us in making the impossible possible.