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Growing Prosperity: Developing Repeatable Models to Scale the Adoption of Agricultural Innovations

Hand grabs stalks of crops in a field

This report by Acumen and Bain & Company unveils how social enterprises can find new, effective ways to profitably serve hard-to-reach customers at scale.

  • Report
  • Agriculture
  • All Regions
  • 2014

The executive summary outlines the transformative potential of innovations like microdrip irrigation, drought-resistant seeds, and asset-backed microloans for smallholder farmers in the developing world. It highlights the challenges faced by pioneer firms in introducing these innovations and emphasizes the need for sustained adoption to achieve scale. The paper aims to bridge the gap in literature by focusing on the interaction between farmers and pioneer firms, providing insights into strategy, operating models, and the broader market context. The intended audience includes management teams of agriculture-focused pioneer firms, with a focus on supporting their scaling efforts through philanthropy and strategic partnerships.