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Classifying a Fund’s Impacts Using the IMP+ACT Classification System

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This report is in collaboration with IMP+ACT Alliance, a technology initiative for the public good, which elevates impact to the forefront of decision making and defines success in investing.

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  • 2020

The IMP+ACT Alliance is a field-building technology initiative which, in consultation with over 150 organisations, has developed the IMP+ACT Classification System (ICS).

This digital tool:

  • aims to scale a consistent format and logic to categorise social and environmental impacts of investments (using “impact classes” that were developed through the Impact Management Project’s consensus-building efforts);
  • highlights existing measurement approaches, metrics sets, and assurance mechanisms used to measure, manage and classify impacts;
  • allows asset managers to self-report information in an Impact Classification Statement that is listed on a public directory.

The ICS aims to provide asset owners with comparable information that helps them better understand impacts across asset classes. It does this by fostering transparency among asset managers regarding the variety of impact measurement approaches and
rating techniques that these they use.