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Cristián Cardoner

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Cristián Cardoner is 68 years old and married with four children and nine grandchildren. He has a University degree in Business and a Master of Social Anthropology. Cristián worked in banking and finance in his early years, and then, when he was 33, he quit the financial sector and began to study Philosophy, Theater, Social Anthropology, and at the same time developed several businesses (Satellite Communications, Software, Agriculture, Cinema production, Social Impact Business) in Chile, Perú, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, USA, France, and West Africa. Now social impact businesses take the largest portion of his active working life. 

He speaks Spanish, English, Italian and French. Cristián is a shareholder of Everytable and Mega; a shareholder and member of the Board of DAP; Chairman of Foop; Chairman of the Board of Warc; Vice Chairman of Andesat; Acumen Partner and member of the Investment Committee for the LATAM region; former member of the Board and current Honorary Board member of Foodbanking.