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María del Pilar Rodríguez Salcedo

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As Community Associate, María del Pilar Rodríguez plays a crucial role in supporting and implementing strategies to accompany Fellows beyond the first year of the Colombia Fellows Program. Thanks to her extensive experience in the public and private sectors, she has developed programs, projects, and strategies that facilitate fluid knowledge exchange among cultural agents. These initiatives attest to her deep knowledge of Colombia’s multiple contexts and territories.

Acumen Fellow of the 2020 cohort, she is a graduate of the Universidad de Los Andes. She is an artist by profession, specializing in Organizations, Social Responsibility & Development; with a master’s degree in interdisciplinary development studies, she brings deep knowledge to her role. Before embarking on her journey with Acumen, Maria del Pilar founded Awana Taller, an initiative that demonstrates her spirit of collaboration in community building. Through Awana Taller, she brought to life a transformative approach that seeks alongside Colombian artisans to catalyze social change in local community initiatives.