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Nina Solomon

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Growing up in post-Apartheid South Africa, Nina has firsthand experience of injustice, shaping her into a designer driven by the desire to effect change through her craft. Passionate about culture and brand advancement, she thrives in various organizational settings, valuing collaboration and dialogue.

Nina has led global teams of Graphic Designers across New York, London, Hong Kong, and Brazil, Nina’s expertise spans print, digital, and exhibition design. Her upbringing instilled a deep appreciation for music and nature, both as inspiration and a conduit to understanding the world.

Nina’s commitment to nurturing talent and embracing diverse perspectives underscores her approach to creativity, which is essential for navigating the complexities of contemporary society. With an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, Nina’s journey as a designer is characterized by her ability to merge her passions with professional expertise, driving meaningful change in an ever-evolving landscape.